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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/11/16

A-Rod to take grounders at first base; Girardi doesn't like the All-Star game rules; Chance Adams making a name for himself; Torrens earns promotion to Low-A Charleston; First half awards for the Yankees; Beltran might be difficult to move at the deadline.

Look at me, doing the first base thing!
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Around the Empire

New York Daily News | Mark Feinsand: Looking to add some versatility to his repertoire, Alex Rodriguez will reportedly practice taking grounders at first base over the All-Star break. Having lost significant playing time due to his inability to hit righties and Carlos Beltran’s hamstring injury forcing him to DH, Rodriguez wants to be able to help out if the team needs him. While it’s unlikely he’ll see any playing time there, it’s nice he’s trying to help. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get hurt. | Brendan Kuty: Think that the All-Star game makes no sense because it actually counts for something (home-field advantage through the playoffs)? So does Joe Girardi. Girardi thinks it’s not fair that the game has actual real consequences but is not comprised of only the top players in the game. Forcing each team to have a representative compromises the integrity of the game. However, I love the thought of Eduardo Nunez being an All-Star so let’s just make the game not count and have some fun.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth | Chris James: In the fifth round of the 2015 MLB draft, the Yankees took a chance on a young relief pitcher out of Dallas Baptist University. The team took another chance on him as they worked on converting him from a reliever to a starter. Chance Adams is currently in Double-A with a 4-0 record and a solid 2.57 ERA in his five starts for the Thunder. He’s a candidate to be promoted to Triple-A before the year is over, and if he continues his impressive work could work his way to the majors as early as some point next season.

Pinstriped Prospects | Gershon Rabinowitz: After missing the entire 2015 season due to a shoulder injury, Luis Torrens is showing what the Yankees saw in him when they signed him as a 16 year old in 2012. In 45 at-bats with the Staten Island Yankees, Torrens hit .311/.360/.400 and showed off a plus throwing arm (I got to see two of those throws in person, and can confirm he has a canon). His hot hitting has now earned him a promotion as he will join the Low-A Charleston River Dogs, for whom he previously played in 2014 before his injury. Congrats, Torrens!

Wall Street Jounral | Jared Diamond: Handing out first half awards for the Yankees, some are easy some are not. Everyone can pretty much agree that Andrew Miller is the team’s Cy Young winner and Carlos Beltran is the team’s MVP (although a case could be made for Didi Gregorius), but it’s difficult choosing a LVP between Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. At least Gregorius has been a pleasant surprise.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Much (and I mean much) has been written about whether the Yankees will buy or sell, and if they choose to sell who would be on the block. The obvious candidates are Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Carlos Beltran. In a weak relief market, if they choose to sell it’ll be quiet easy to find buyers for Miller and Chapman. However, as the trade market forms and shows a high number of potentially available outfielders, it might be harder and harder for the Yankees to move Beltran. Then again the Yankees might just choose to buy, buy, buy.

Fun Questions

  • Of all the Netflix original shows do you have a favorite? (Not including ones that started elsewhere but Netflix picked up for later seasons like Arrested Development)
  • If you could have any one fun Harry Potter spell be real, which would it be? (Let’s stick with ones that won’t hurt anyone)

Song of the Day

Love Make the World Go Round by Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda

It’s Love Week on Pinstripe Alley. As Greg said, it’s not Valentine’s but we could all use a little love this week. Plus this newly released song is pretty catchy and listening to it..your pulse will beat and your heart will pound! As always, please link us your song of the day.

Didi Victory Tweet

Apparently as long as the Yankees win, the starting pitcher will get credit for a great start from Didi. What a guy.