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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/30/16

Girardi unsure of when Beltran can return; Levine personifies what everyone hates about the Yankees; Brushing off talk about selling is the real nonsense; First round pick Blake Rutherford signs; Refsnyder is the Yankees' safety net

Didi GREATgorius
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Around the Empire | Joshua Needelman: Carlos Beltran left Tuesday’s game early after seemingly pulling something in his hamstring. While after that game it was announced that it was just a cramp, he still didn’t start last night’s game against the Rangers. Joe Girardi said he has no timetable for when Beltran would be able to return because after today’s finale, the team travels to San Diego where there is no DH. The fact that Girardi is looking to DH him makes me nervous.

Vice Sports | Joseph Flynn: After the Yankees announced the deal with StubHub, Randy Levine was asked about the state of the team with regards to buying and selling. Instead of responding normally, Levine responded in a way that pretty much represented everything people hate about the Yankees and the “Yankee Way.”

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Speaking of Levine’s comments, the Yankees are really blinded if they truly believe what Levine said about the thoughts of selling is “nonsense.” If this were any other team besides the Yankees, they would absolutely be selling but at the very least they wouldn’t laugh off the idea. While the team wants to win every year, they should prepare for the likely scenario of them not being contenders.

New York Daily News | NYDN Staff: The Yankees officially signed their first round pick from this year’s draft to a $3.28 million deal, which is almost $1 million over the $2.44 million slot for that selection. In case you missed it, Tanya went into a bit more detail regarding the signing and the picks. | Ryan Hatch: From being a minor league star to a pariah to now being a trusted “safety net,” Rob Refsnyder has had quite a journey over the past few years. It’s a testament to him as a person that the Yankees have asked him to do so much this year and he’s responded so well. As poor of a team they may be, they would be worse off without him.

Fun Questions

  • Was last night’s walk-off win the most exciting of the year?
  • What’s worse: Randy Levine’s hair or Randy Levine’s words?

Song of the Day

Walk the Line by Johnny Cash

It’s Country Week on Pinstripe Alley. This song seemed the most fitting to use in honor of Didi Gregorius’ walk-off home run yesterday. What a fantastic win that was! As always, please link us your song of the day.

Didi Victory Tweet

Will he ever give himself credit? What a guy.