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New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles: Nathan Eovaldi vs. Chris Tillman

Nasty Nate is on the mound as the Yankees look to start the series with a win.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It would be very easy to count all the things that were going against the Yankees in yesterday's game. Michael Pineda was starting, he was starting against the powerful Tigers' lineup, each member of Fluffy gave up a run, the offense had been anemic, the list goes on. Somehow, they managed to come away with a win and now find themselves in Baltimore looking to keep the momentum going.

Can they start the series with a win? Luckily, one of their better starters will be on the mound as "Nasty" Nathan Eovaldi looks to continue his Eovolution.

On a sadder note, Ronald Torreyes is now your backup catcher as Brian McCann is out with a hyperextended elbow.:

I'm sure we'll find out more about this after the game. I wonder if Toe at least knows this time. Anyway, go Yankees, go baseball, go Toe. Here are your lineups:

Today's Lineups

Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Adam Jones - CF
Brett Gardner - LF Hyun Soo Kim - LF
Carlos Beltran - RF Manny Machado - SS
Alex Rodriguez - DH Chris Davis - 1B
Mark Teixeira - 1B Mark Trumbo - RF
Starlin Castro - 2B Matt Wieters - C
Didi Gregorius - SS Pedro Alvarez - DH
Chase Headley - 3B Jonathan Schoop - 2B
Austin Romine - C Ryan Flaherty - 3B
Nathan Eovaldi - RHP Chris Tillman - RHP