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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/27/16

Randy Levine continues to be awful and say the wrong things; Details on the StubHub partnership; A-Rod sitting for now but far from done; Judge's roadblack to the majors.

What’s worse? Levine’s hair or Levine’s words?

Around the Empire

New York Daily News | Christian Red: Yankees President Randy Levine had some interesting comments to make while announcing the new deal with StubHub. His comments criticizing members of the media and putting them down were pretty much unnecessary and downright disrespectful for someone in his position. I’ll turn it over to Jason to summarize Randy Levine:

New York Times | Seth Berkman: Speaking of the StubHub partnership, the details of the deal reported on Sunday were released by the team yesterday. The popular resale site will now be the Yankees official resale partner. That partnership will officially begin on July 7th and start for games on July 15th, but still will not allow fans to bring print-at-home tickets. More on that at 11 (actually though).

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: Alex Rodriguez was benched against a right-handed pitcher for the second day in a row yesterday. While it’s not official, it seems as though Joe Girardi might be leaning towards using Rodriguez in a more limited role considering his struggles, especially against righties. To his credit, A-Rod said he’ll be ready when his number is called and he’ll do everything he can to help this team. “You haven't heard the last of me.”

New York Post | Dan Martin: By now, Aaron Judge’s hot streak has been well-noted and documented. With the Yankees struggling, some have wondered (rightfully so) if it might be time to call him up for a chance in the majors. As of right now, Brian Cashman says he has no intentions of doing that and if there was an opening in right field, Aaron Hicks and Rob Refsnyder would get the first opportunities for the job before Judge is considered.

Fun Questions

  • Are you planning on watching Shark Week at all?
  • Favorite type of shark?

Song of the Day

Rain is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan

It’s Country Week on Pinstripe Alley. Considering the events that unfolded in last night’s game and considering it’s supposed to, according to the forecast as of 11pm last night, rain most of the day today it only seemed right to find a rain themed song for today. Hey at least someone considers rain to be a good thing. As always, please link us your song of the day.