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Ask Pinstripe Alley 6/26/16: Yankees mailbag questions request

Send us questions for this week's edition of Ask Pinstripe Alley!

Ask Pinstripe Alley

It’s that time again. We haven’t run an Ask Pinstripe Alley column in exactly one month, so we need a fresh batch of questions! Since then, the Yankees have played almost .500 ball on the dot at 15-14, never reaching more than one game over .500 on the season. As Tanya alluded on Twitter yesterday, it is much like the movie Speed that regard.

The entire 2016 MLB Draft happened in the period since the last call for questions, so that’s fair game, as is the Yankees’ neverending carousel of first basemen. I know I have plenty of questions about this team, so ask away.

I will plan to post my responses on Wednesday at 1:00. As long as your questions are in by Wednesday morning, I will include them among the possible ones to answer. I’ll try to get to as many questions as we can, but no promises—there’s certainly a chance that one of the other editors will get to them.

You can ask your questions in the comment section below, or you can shoot us an email at pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail dot com.

In the meantime, here’s top draft pick Blake Rutherford destroying baseballs. Enjoy.

Rutherford swing