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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/22/16

Yankees remember victims of Orlando tragedy; Cashman says he’d convince Hal to sell; Making a team from the current Yankees and Mets; Plans to honor Joe DiMaggio's hit streak scrapped; Staten Island Yankees want help rebranding

Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Around the Empire | Randy Miller: Before yesterday’s game against the Rockies, the Yankees took a moment to honor the victims of the Orlando terrorism victims. The Yankees, who had MLB’s Ambassador for Inclusion Billy Bean at the game, had Joe Girardi and Walt Weiss place a rainbow colored wreath over home plate before the game. Nice gesture from the Yankees for a truly tragic event.

New York Post | Dan Martin: A day after Hal Steinbrenner’s buying/selling comments, Brian Cashman reiterated the same thoughts. He said, right now the team would probably be buyers. He did, however, say if the Yankees fell off completely in the next six weeks, he would encourage Steinbrenner to sell. He also called out Brian McCann, Starlin Castro, and Brett Gardner as three players who need to improve to help this team out.

Wall Street Journal | Jared Diamond & Andrew Beaton: Both the Yankees and the Mets are thus far having underwhelming seasons, the latter with even higher expectations coming off a World Series appearance. So why have two mediocre New York baseball teams when you could have one better team. The New York Yankropolitans/Mankees seem like a pretty decent team. That pitching staff alone could carry this team through the playoffs.

New York Daily News | Christian Red & Michael O’Keeffe: 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of Joe DiMaggio’s incredible hit streak. It’s a streak that many believe is unbreakable in today’s age, and I personally agree with that. The Yankees approached DiMaggio’s grandchildren about wanting to a day to honor DiMaggio, where they also would have given out bobbleheads to fans, but long time DiMaggio lawyer Morris Engelberg proved difficult to work with for the team.

New York Post | Todd Venezla: The Staten Island Yankees have decided to rebrand and are ask for assitance from fans. They’ve started an online poll where fans can submit their best ideas for a new team name, and the six “best” choices will be put in a poll for fans to vote. The only real criteria is that the suggestion has to “best represent the borough of Staten Island.” However, the team also said that only “reasonable” suggestions would be taken seriously so if you were thinking of submitting TEAMY MCTEAMFACE as a name, you might be out of luck.

Fun Questions

  • Which name do you prefer: Yankropolitans or Mankees?
  • What should the Staten Island Yankees call themselves?

Song of the Day

Tequila by The Champs

It’s still Old Timey Week on Pinstripe Alley, apparently. Coming up with different themes weekly is a hard task, people! Don’t judge us. It might forever be Old Timey Week on Pinstripe Alley. I’m just waiting for it to be 2050 and us to use songs from the 2000s as “Old Timey” songs. Plus, the 2016 Yankees definitely make me want to drink tequila. As always, please link us your song of the day.