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New York Yankees @ Minnesota Twins: CC Sabathia vs Kyle Gibson

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees are in the middle of what should have been a road trip that gave them a chance to pad their win totals. Instead, they kicked off the trip with two losses to the Rockies. Four games against the Twins SHOULD be the cure to what ails them, but this team has found a way to defy those expectations so far.

Today's Lineups

Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Eduardo Nunez - 3B
Brett Gardner - LF Robbie Grossman - LF
Carlos Beltran - RF Brian Dozier - 2B
Alex Rodriguez - DH Trevor Plouffe - DH
Brian McCann - C Byung-ho Park - 1B
Starlin Castro - 2B Eduardo Escobar - SS
Didi Gregorius - SS Max Kepler - RF
Chase Headley - 3B Kurt Suzuki - C
Ike Davis - 1B Byron Buxton - CF
CC Sabathia - LHP Kyle Gibson - RHP