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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 89: The mystery of Coldhands Carlos

The Yankees are back in a fierce slump. We are displeased.

Beltran Benjen

So the Yankees haven't really improved since our last podcast at the beginning of June! Oh sure, there was a five-game winning streak snuck in there, but four of them were wins against the atrocious Angels and the other was with Mike Pelfrey on the mound. All told, they have gone from four games under .500 to three games under .500. Thrilling.

Topics discussed include (in no particular order) the slump, Mark Teixeira’s injury, the 2016 draft class, a possible seller’s market, Yankees first basemen as Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, the secret behind Carlos Beltran’s renaissance, Tanya’s controversial hot dog opinions, and Jason seemingly getting run over by a motorcycle live on the podcast. We went places.

Intro: “Sleeping In” - The Postal Service

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