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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/14/16

The next two weeks could determine whether the Yankees are buyers or sellers; Damon Oppenheimer is confident that the Yankees can sign Blake Rutherford; Ron Davis and Ike Davis have a nice father-son moment; Yulieski Gourriel is now a free agent; Carlos Beltran is making a good Hall of Fame case for himself

Dad-Rod sternly looking at his children not hitting
Dad-Rod sternly looking at his children not hitting
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire

Wall St. Journal | Jared Diamond: Starting today, the Yankees begin a two week stretch where they will play the Colorado Rockies and the Minnesota Twins. These two teams are not having the best of years, but then neither are the Yankees. The next two weeks could determine whether the Yankees are buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. Or they might not. Baseball is funny like that.

New York Daily News | Justin Tasch: As Tanya mentioned in her article yesterday, Keith Law and many other experts are praising the Yankees for drafting Blake Rutherford in the first round. Damon Oppenheimer is confident that the Yankees will indeed be able to sign Blake Chesterfield Rutherford and give him that Chesterfield middle name, since that's what his middle name should clearly be. Now we play the waiting game.

Newsday | Steven Marcus: Because first base has decided to swallow its position player's whole and spit them out as broken, injured, and possibly heartless husks, Ike Davis is now a Yankee. His father, Ron Davis, was a setup man for Goose Gossage back around the time I was born. So cool, guys. Really. Sigh. Personal age aside, Ron and Ike Davis has a nice father-son moment. Ike Davis' career has been injury plagued, but everyone is hopeful that he can regain his pre-injured form in pinstripes. Please be kind to Ike, heart-eating first base monster which I will now dub Firstblor.

New York Daily News | Christian Red: Cuban infielder Yulieski Gourriel is now a free agent. There are talks that both the Yankees and the Mets could be interested in him, as both teams have a need for offense. Aroldis Chapman has talked with Gourriel and he has let it be known that he would love to play for the Yankees. However, unless the Yankees are planning to trade either Chase Headley or Starlin Castro, it doesn't look like they would have a spot for him. | Barry Bloom: Carlos Beltran is having an amazing year. He has said that he'd like to play a couple more years. It is unclear whether or not those final years will be on the Yankees. At this point, it's unclear whether or not he'll be on the Yankees come August. Either way, he is making a very strong Hall of Fame case for himself.

Fun Questions

  • Would you replace Chase Headley with Yulieski Gourriel?
  • Favorite thing to get from the ice cream truck as a child?

Song Of The Day

I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos

It's Old Timey Week on Pinstripe Alley. I think the phrase "My love must be a kind of blind love" can perfectly describe how a lot of baseball fans feel about their teams. As always, please link us your song of the day.