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Yankees June 2016 GM Approval Poll: What do you think of the job Brian Cashman is doing?

It's time to voice your opinion of the job Brian Cashman is doing.

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The first two months of the Yankees' season are in the books, the draft is over, and it's time for another Brian Cashman approval poll. When this year's version of the poll started back in January, 69% of PSA readers approved of the job that Cashman was doing over the offseason. After avoiding the free agency market and focusing on improving the team strictly through trades, Cashman's approval rating jumped up to 76% at the beginning of April. Perhaps that kind of optimism can only last before the season begins.

Unfortunately, the Yankees had a terrible April. They finished the month on a four-game losing streak with a record of 8-14. The offense was bad and the pitchers in the rotation struggled to give the Yankees length. When asked whether PSA readers approved of the job Cashman was doing after the first month of the season was over, Cashman's approval rating plummeted to just 43%. Everyone seems to hate Cashman when the team is losing, and love him when the team is winning. Now that we're headed towards the middle of June and the team has improved a bit, has your opinion of Cashman changed?

It's been a little over a month since the last approval poll, and since then the Yankees are playing better. In April, they were barely able to string two wins together, but they had a six-game winning streak in May and finished the month with a winning record of 16-13. So far the Yankees are doing fairly well in June, as they've swept the Angels and just ended a five-game winning streak that brought the team above the .500 mark (briefly).

Although the Yankees are not doing as poorly offensively as they did in April, the team still has had its share of problems. In particular, the injuries are really starting to pile up to the point where they should put caution tape around first base. First, backup first baseman Dustin Ackley suffered a torn right shoulder labrum and had to undergo season-ending surgery. Then Mark Teixeira, who had already missed time with neck spasms, ended up being put on the disabled list with an articular cartilage tear in his knee. Now Chris Parmelee has joined Tex on the disabled list with a strained right hamstring.

Suffering from a severe lack of backup first basemen, the Yankees' starter became Rob Refsnyder, who had previously never played the position. If Refnsyder had gone down with an injury then it appeared as though the Yankees would be forced to call up Nick Swisher from Scranton. Cashman signed Swisher to a minor-league contract over the offseason, but Swisher is hitting just .254/.283/.401. Knowing that it was not an ideal situation,  Cashman was obviously on the lookout for a first baseman as the Yankees swooped on Ike Davis within an hour of the Rangers releasing him. At least they have an actual first baseman now.

With the trade deadline roughly seven weeks away, a number of rumors have circulated recently about who exactly Cashman might be looking to trade before the end of July. The Cubs are reportedly interested in working out a deal for Aroldis Chapman. Such a trade might be in the team's best interest if they want to get the most bang for their buck, considering the fact that Chapman will become a free agent at the end of the season. This would dismantle the three-headed monster, but Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller did a fine job holding down the bullpen last season. Similar rumors have also been flying around about both Nathan Eovaldi and Andrew Miller, as well. It remains to be seen if the Yankees will be buying or selling, but Cashman has plenty of time to make a few big deals.

Now that we're over two months into the season, do you approve of the job that Brian Cashman is doing? Is it his fault that the Yankees' first base depth was pretty much nonexistent? Does he need to make some big trades to improve the team, or would it be a mistake to lose Chapman, Miller or Eovaldi? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think.