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Yankees Draft 2016: Day Three Open Thread

The final day of the draft is upon us, who will the Yankees pick?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's the last day of the draft today, and who knows what the Yankees have in store? On the first night the team selected Blake Rutherford and Nick Solak with their first two picks. Draft day two saw them take four pitchers, two first basemen, a catcher and an outfielder. If you didn't have a chance to follow the draft yesterday, luckily Tanya and Jason have you covered with their amazing draft coverage:

Third round pick: Nolan Martinez

Fourth round pick: Nick Nelson

Fifth round pick: Dom Thompson-Williams

Sixth round pick: Brooks Kriske

Seventh round pick: Keith Skinner

Eighth round pick: Dalton Blaser

Ninth round pick: Tim Lynch

Tenth round pick: Trevor Lane

Not the best crop of names but Brooks Kriske and Dalton Blaser help the grading curve. Today is the final day of the draft, as with any draft the last day is where the bulk of the picks are made. For baseball, boy is that the case. Today we'll see rounds 11 to 40. Names like Xzavion Curry, Jay Jabs and Jarett Rindfleisch are still available. Make my dreams come true, Yankees.

Day three starts at noon (EST) and is available to stream on So grab some lunch, settle down in your comfy spot and join us here to talk draft.

And once again, a huge thank you to Tanya and Jason for their incredible draft coverage!