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The best names of past Yankees' drafts

The MLB Draft digs up some fun names. Here are some of the best names in Yankees' drafts of past.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The amount of people taken in the Major League Baseball Draft every year means that some of them won't even come close to the major leagues. It also leads to some players with interesting names getting drafted. Unfortunately, a lot of those interesting names don't come close to the majors, where they could have made this list of all-time great Yankees names. The team has had their fair share of fun names on the draft roll call though. Here are some of the best names in Yankees' draft history to have never made the majors.

Alfred Alwurm

The Yankees took Alwurm in the 13th round in 1972. No minor league stats for Alwurm are available, so one can only assume he instead took up a career as a German butler.

Atheophilus Jermany

Jermany was a 53rd round pick by the Yankees in 1967 from Portland, Oregon. No minor league stats are available for him, so it's unclear if he every actually played in the Yankees' organization.

Bean Stringfellow

The Yankees' 17th round pick in 1984 did not sign with the team and ended up being drafted by the Braves a year later. He played four seasons in Atlanta's system and then one more in the Mets' organization before his career ended. Now, he's Ervin Santana's agent! The baseball thing might not have worked out, but a career as a children's storybook character might have.

Brandon Braboy

The Yankees' 2008 18th round pick played three season of organized ball for the Yankees, before playing two in Indy ball. I'm guessing that last name was the subject of many jokes in his childhood.

Clint Preisendorfer

Preisendorfer was drafted by the Yankees three separate times before finally signing with the team in 2008. He had a 7.20 ERA in five innings and never played in the organization again.

Dave Yobs

The Yankees drafted Yobs in the 8th round in 1980. He opted to return to college for his senior season and slipped to the 14th round where he was taken by the White Sox. Yobs played four seasons in Triple-A, but never actually made it to the majors. His name sounds like a full sentence, so that's cool.

Gerald Butt

Gerald Butt.

Icezack Flemming

Flemming was the Yankees' 26th round pick last year and still has time to get himself off this list. However, he had to be put on this list because his name is Icezack.

Orville Rhuems/Samuel Mishmash

Rhuems and Mishmash were the Yankees 16th and 17th rounds picks in 1974. Both came from Colgan HS in Pittsburg, Kansas. Rhuems has no minor league stats available, but Mishmash had a 5.62 ERA in his one season in the Yankees' organization in '74. After that season, the pair presumably returned to the Charles Dickens' novel they lived in before getting drafted.

Royal Clayton

The Yankees took Clayton in the 18th round in 1987. He played ten minor league seasons, eight with the Yankees, but never made it to the majors. He's like Royce Clayton, but fancier.