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Jacoby Ellsbury leaves Yankees game with an apparent injury

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

As if nothing else could go wrong this year, the Yankees have been felled by injury in quick succession just this past week. Alex Rodriguez hit the disabled list with a strained hamstring, and then CC Sabathia went on the DL today with a strained groin. They aren't hitting, they're barely pitching, and now they're all getting hurt. To top it all off, Jacoby Ellsbury left tonight's Yankees-Red Sox game with an apparent lower body injury as he was running the bases.

In the bottom of the first inning Ellsbury walked to lead off the game, stole second base, and then stole third as the bal got away from the catcher. After his second stolen base, the center fielder rounded third to challenge, but he seemed to slip on the wet grass and pull something in his hip. He stayed in the game and scored on Brian McCann's double, but in the top of the second he was out of the game. Aaron Hicks moved to center and Dustin Ackley entered the game playing right field.

There's no sense of what exactly happened, but I'm sure we'll hear something over the course of the game. If he ends up on the disabled list, the Yankees will be in trouble on offense. Ellsbury has hit .260/.315/.380 and has stolen nine bases while most of the lineup has faltered. The Yankees have outfield options in Aaron Hicks, Dustin Ackley, and Ben Gamel on the bench, but also have Slade Heathcott in Triple-A. This could also be the time they bring up Nick Swisher, though Brian Cashman seemed to indicate that he is considered a first baseman at this point. It could also be the perfect opportunity to bring Aaron Judge up and hopefully inject some life into the offense, but the Yankees might not think he's ready just yet.