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What is one move you would make to improve the 2016 Yankees?

Let's crowdsource to try to fix the Yankees and see what kind of havoc is subsequently brought forth on the team.

"I'm doing what now?"
"I'm doing what now?"
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

During the off-season, Jason ran a survey asking Yankees fans to make suggestions for the upcoming off-season. The results were pretty amusing, and with the team off to a sluggish start in 2016, I thought that it would be fun to bring it back. Countless fans have so many different solutions for the team's problems, so why not see what would happen if the fans were the ones telling GM Brian Cashman what to do?

The rules are simple enough. Simply make one suggested roster move to make the team better. They have to be realistic (no "trade Austin Romine for Mike Trout, throw in Ivan Nova to sweeten the deal" ideas), and they have to fill out the roster. Simply saying "release Chase Headley" isn't enough. You have to provide a solution to it, too. The example in the form fits this idea--"DFA Derek Jeter, call up Bernie Williams."

The moves that get the most related responses will be executed in this simulation. Please only make one suggestion apiece, too. That will help us sort the priority. Also, make sure to submit your answers in the Google Form, not just in the comments. Feel free to discuss your suggestions in the comments, but they won't be counted unless they are also in the Google form. (If the form doesn't show up on the page, try going directly to the link here.)

This post will be pinned to the front page on Pinstripe Alley until tomorrow afternoon. The results will go upon Saturday. Have fun!