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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/4/16

A-Rod hurt again; DiMaggio's 80th anniversary; Girardi and coaches aren't to blame and more

My face when watching the Yankees. You can choose who of the 3 I'm talking about.
My face when watching the Yankees. You can choose who of the 3 I'm talking about.
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Around the Empire

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: Alex Rodriguez left yesterday's game early after he apparently pulled something in his hamstring running down the first base line. He will have an MRI today which will shed light as to whether a DL stint is necessary or not.

ESPN | Mark Simon: Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of Joe DiMaggio's major league debut. Simon reflects on some career highlights of the legend. | Bryan Hoch: Brian Cashman says that he doesn't believe that Joe Girardi or his staff are to blame for the Yankees' recent woes. He has faith in the Yankees' skipper and believes him and the coaches are doing everything they can to right the ship. | Bryan Hoch: When Aroldis Chapman comes back from suspension, his arrival will extend the bullpen even more and has given Joe Girardi some ideas on what he can do. This may mean being more flexible with current closer Andrew Miller and using him in some more situational roles.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Apparently the real stinger for the Yankees in the Nathan Eovaldi trade is losing David Phelps who has emerged as a reliable 8th inning setup man for the Marlins. Because an elite bullpen arm could really help this team? (Sherman also refers to Joba Chamberlain as falling between "above-average to elite" so who knows?)

Fun Questions

  • Should Pinstripe Alley convert to a food/life advice blog until the Yankees are less miserable?
  • Follow the four-step process to create the perfect ice cream sandwich. What did you choose?

Song of the Day

The First Night by Monica

It's Nostalgia Week on Pinstripe Alley. Today's song was the number one single on Billboard's Top 100 the week the Yankees won the World Series in 1998. If that's not nostalgic, then I don't know what is. As always, please link us your song of the day.