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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/27/16

Heathcott released; Boggs represents the Yankees; Miller and the strike zone; Posada discusses catching and his career; Girardi irritated by media

We'll always have this game in Tampa, Slade.
We'll always have this game in Tampa, Slade.
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Around the Empire | Ryan Hatch: After being drafted in the first round in 2009 and finally making his major league debut last year, the Yankees have unconditionally released Slade Heathcott. The room was made after Chasen Shreve was forced to the disabled list with a shoulder injury and the Yankees needed to make room on the 40-man roster for Richard Bleier. While they could still resign him, supposedly the Yankees have no plans of doing so at this time. We'll just have to deal with it.

Sports Illustrated | Dan Gartland: Wade Boggs, forever my hero now, wore his 1996 Yankees' World Series ring to a ceremony at Fenway Park honoring the 1986 Red Sox. In exchange for this pleasure, all Yankees fans must now always claim Boggs as their favorite all-time Yankee.

Fangraphs | Jeff Sullivan: Andrew Miller is really good at pitching. This isn't really news, but taking a deeper look at his numbers are simply amazing. Miller owns the league's highest O-Swing% (which measures the rate of swings at pitches outside the strike zone) while simultaneously owning the league's lowest Z-Swing% (which measures the rate of swings at pitches inside the strike zone). In other words, Andrew Miller is really good at pitching.

The Players' Tribune | Jorge Posada: In his post for The Players' Tribune, Jorge Posada discusses the art of catching. He discusses the intricacies of debating whether or not he called for the right pitch and how he'd call pitches that weren't necessarily right for that situation but to let his pitchers get a feel for the pitch. He also discusses how he sat down with another Yankee catching legend, Yogi Berra, to learn how Yogi scouted opposing hitters in his day without all the advanced analytics. | Randy Miller: Joe Girardi is fed up with questions about the designated hitter "situation." After Beltran earned himself a golden sombrero in his return to right field action, Girardi sarcastically made a point saying "I'm sure it had all to do with him being in right field."

Fun Questions

  • Have you ever asked to borrow a stranger's phone or had a stranger ask to borrow your phone? Is it weird or not weird?
  • Any plans for the Memorial Day weekend?

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You by MattyBRaps ft. Darby Cappillino

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