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Off-day Sporcle open thread: How many Yankees starters can you name since 2006?

The starting rotation has certainly gone through its ups and downs over the past decade, but how many starters do you remember?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Yankees are thankfully giving us a reprieve from their wretched play tonight, so here's a Sporcle quiz to tide you over. It was made last year by Sporcle user nushney but there are no new starters to report from 2016, so the timeframe still works. It's simple enough--how many different Yankees starting pitchers can you remember off the top of your head from the past decade?

This is definitely a weird trip down memory lane but entertaining for sure. One of them inspired the brilliant article photo. Beautiful.

Feel free to share your results in the comments and use this as your open thread for the night.