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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/12/16

Jeter grants a dying fan's wish; Is Pineda in danger of losing his job; A-Rod to return soon; Offense is clicking; Headley's lack of power

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Around the Empire

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: The story during the whole off-season was who would earn a spot in the rotation between CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova. Sabathia won the competition out of spring training and has done nothing to lose his spot. Is Nova, who had a solid first start filling in for the injured Sabathia, deserving of a full-time rotation spot? If Michael Pineda keeps pitching the way he has been, could it be him who loses the rotation spot? | Terez Owens: Even though he's retired, Derek Jeter surely still gets thousands of requests and letters from fans. I'm sure many of those go unnoticed or get a generic response, if any. One of these requests did make it through to Jeter though. He reportedly granted the wish of a dying cancer patient who just wanted to have a conversation with him, so he called her. Hats off to the Captain and thoughts and well wishes go out to Shannon and her family. | Randy Miller: Alex Rodriguez looks like he's on track to return from the disabled list on time from his hamstring injury. According to Girardi he feels a lot better and thinks it should only take the minimum 15 days for him to return to the lineup.

NY Daily News | Mark Feinsand: Earlier in the season the Yankees' offense was the big story of the team, or rather their lack of offense. Lately, however, the Yankees have started to turn things out on offense. Specifically referring to the team's 10-7 win against the Royals, Brett Gardner said "We would have lost 7-0 a couple weeks ago."

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: It's May 12th and Chase Headley still does not have an extra-base hit this season. This despite getting regular (probably more than he deserves right now) playing time. He does have a solid track record, even if not amazing his past shows he's a better hitter than he's been right now which is why Joe Girardi is being patient with him. Headley says it's "just a matter of time." Sure it is, Chase.

Fun Questions

  • Who gets an extra-base hit first, Headley or Ben Gamel?
  • Would you move Pineda to the bullpen in favor of Nova when Sabathia returns?

Song of the Day

The Boys of Summer by Don Henley

It's Waffles Week on Pinstripe Alley. Celebrating Tanya's birthday for a whole week has been really great because of her awesome taste in music. I hadn't heard this song before and after careful consideration I give it a thumbs up!