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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/11/16

Add Tex to the injured but not disabled list; How Coney stayed in pinstripes; Girardi didn't want to pull Nova; Judge having a great start; Chapman is a boost but not the key.

Benny with the good hair
Benny with the good hair
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Around the Empire

NY Daily News | Daniel Popper: If you were keeping a list of Yankees' players who were injured, Mark Teixeira can now be added to that list. A list he can't be added on, however, is the disabled list. Because just like almost every other Yankee injury this season, he's hurt enough to not play but not hurt enough to put on the disabled list. Since Romine will strictly be used in backup catching situations, this leaves a one-man bench. Yay. | Joe Giglio: PSA favorite (and fan of PSA himself) David Cone was a free agent after the 1995 season. Sitting down with Sweeny Murti of WFAN, Coney recalls how negotiations went during that time and how he almost ended up signing with the Orioles after feeling slighted by the Yankees. A George Steinbrenner payphone call cleared the air and allowed Cone to sign with the Yankees.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Ivan Nova had as good a start as anyone could have asked for in his first start of the year filling in for CC Sabathia. He was on a 75-pitch limit and Joe Girardi, hoping for an inning-ending double play, let him get to 81 before pulling him with one out left in the fifth. Girardi says he hated making the decision to take a possible win away from Nova was hard, but he did what he had to. | Brendan Kuty: Brian Cashman keeps facing questions about if he will bring Aaron Judge up to give the team a boost. Cashman says he hopes things themselves out in the majors, but was very complimentary of his top prospect. Cashman took time to make note of not only Judge's solid start in AAA, but also Gary Sanchez and Rob Refsnyder who are coming around after slow starts.

Newsday | Neil Best: While adding Aroldis Chapman to the team does give the team a boost and some life, Carlos Beltran brings everyone back to earth by reminding everyone he's just in it for one inning per game. The rest of the players still have to do their part and get the game to the back of the bullpen.

Fun Questions

  • Favorite way to have waffles?
  • Is the sleeve used to keep a beverage cold, usually a beer can or bottle, called a koozy or coozie?

Song of the Day

All Along the Watchtower by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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