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The 2016 New York Yankees presented as emojis

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The 2016 New York Yankees has a lot going for it, but what if we highjacked the team, took their best players, and turned them into emojis? Here is how some of their best players would be depicted:

Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran is 39 this year and it's obvious that his career is winding down. He can still hit a little, but he doesn't belong in the field despite his regular role in right field. How many times have you seen him trot over to the ball down the line and cause a single to turn into a double? He's bad out there–he's the snail emoji.

Jacoby Ellsbury

Given how bad he is at staying healthy during the span of a year, it's no wonder Jacoby Ellsbury is perfectly represented by the "face with head-bandage" emoji. Ellsbury is currently injured enough right now that he isn't going to be playing in a game any time soon, despite the fact that he has yet to go on the disabled list.

Brett Gardner

Despite his ability to steal bases, Brett Gardner has been pretty reluctant to move his body on the base paths, causing Tanya to refer to him as The Anchor. He never steals. Let's hope he gets things going this year, but after a few disappointing seasons on the bases, he's stuck being the anchor emoji.

Chase Headley

Thanks to Kunj, the emoji for Chase Headley is pretty obviously the wastebasket. If you're looking for the worst All-Star in 2016, Headley has to be it. He belongs in the garbage, just like his emoji counterpart.

Aaron Hicks

Thanks to a strong arm in the outfield, Aaron Hicks is very easily the flexed biceps emoji as you can see him toss a 105-mph to home plate. So far it seems to be the only thing he's very good at, so it's appropriate that he's been depicted gunning a runner out on the base paths.

Alex Rodriguez

At one point, A-Rod would have probably been a centaur emoji, or a horse emoji if there was nothing else, but now, as a 40-year-old father, he is all about Dad-Rod. Rodriguez spends a lot of time with his children and generally gives off a very dad vibe on a team filled with players much younger than him. He also spends a lot of time dressed in suits, easily making him the necktie emoji.

Didi Gregorius

Since the Yankees acquired Didi we've heard all about the fact that he was knighted alongside his entire team from the World Baseball Classic. With the tournament coming back into play soon, it seemed appropriate to label Gregorius as the crown emoji once again, since he is royalty.

Phil Coke

Welcome back Phil Coke, but also please go away. The former Yankee won a World Championship with the team in 2009 before being shipped out. He has since made a name for himself by pointing to the ball in the air as it's launched 400 feet out of the ballpark. This is why he is the pointing up emoji.

Ivan Nova

The team's newest starting pitcher is obviously the floppy disk emoji. Tanya describes him as "good one time a long time ago, but no one cares now," which perfectly represents the life of the floppy disk...also Ivan Nova.

Mark Teixeira

Teixeira has the most ridiculous face when it comes to picture time, and what is more expressive than the eyes? If he doesn't have a bizarre facial expression, his eyes are telling you something uncomfortable while he's on the field. He's never not expressive at some point during a game. He is the eyes emoji.

That's all we have for now. What emojis embody the Yankees who are not depicted here?