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The longest home runs at the new Yankee Stadium

Al Bello/Getty Images

Last night's game turned into a real slugfest with six home runs hit between the Yankees and the Astros. After getting Houston started with a home run in the first inning off Michael Pineda, Carlos Correa came back with a monster shot in the fifth inning that managed to travel 459 feet to dead center field and bounce off the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar.

It was the first time the bar was hit since Russell Branyan did it with the Mariners back in 2009, and the home run is now the third-longest ever hit at Yankee Stadium (by ESPN's Home Run Tracker). A 21-year-old shortstop managed to accomplish something many veteran sluggers have not been able to do. Incredible. Take a look at just how far it went:

Now let's see where it sits among the biggest Yankee Stadium dingers over the venue's first eight seasons.

Welcome to the Stadium - 5/19/2010

The previous fifth place home run came off the bat of A-Rod to travel 452 feet into Monument Park during the team's comeback attempt after another disappointing A.J. Burnett start. This game happened to be Wade Davis' first start at Yankee Stadium when he was still a struggling starting pitcher with the Tampa Bay Rays. In obscure Yankees news, both Randy Winn and Juan Miranda made appearances in this game.

Into the Bleachers - 7/22/2015

Number four comes at number 20 when Alex Rodriguez hit his 20th home run of the 2015 season off Orioles pitcher Kevin Gausman. The 453-foot dinger padded New York's one-run lead and proved to be the difference-maker of the night for the Yankees. At this point in the season, they still had a 5.5-game lead over the Blue Jays. It isn't often that a home run ball makes it all the way to the bleachers in the new place, but it's an impressive feat every time.

Prelude to the Comeback - 7/13/2012

What once sat in third place is the first non-Yankee (and non-A-Rod) home run on this list. Here we see Mark Trumbo, during his lone All-Star campaign, take Hiroki Kuroda deep for a 457-foot, three-run shot that would give the Angels the lead. After LA added an extra run in the eighth, the Yankees managed to come back in the bottom half of the inning to sneak out a victory. During this game, Mark Teixeira hit two dingers os his own and Russell Martin threw out a total of three runners.

This is now where Correa's home run sits in Yankee Stadium dinger history.

The Payback - 6/10/2011

Long before A-Rod was suspended and made his return into our good graces, he did bad by this baseball off the IndiansRoberto Hernandez (back when he was called Fausto Carmona). In this game, the man formerly known as Carmona surrendered a home run in the second inning and then immediately plunked Teixeira, igniting an argument that would clear both benches. Two innings later, Rodriguez unloaded a 460-foot bomb that reached the bleachers in left-center field.

Raul So Cool - 5/22/2009

Back in 2009, the new Yankee Stadium proved to be a launching pad for some really easy home runs to right field, but Raul Ibanez didn't need any wind tunnel to continue pounding the Yankees that day. The slugging outfielder managed to take a struggling Chien-Ming Wang deep 477 feet and half way up the bleachers in right field as the Yankees were shut down by a 28-year-old Brett Myers. Meanwhile, Wang dealt with problems on the mound after returning from a leg injury and he'd end up tearing his shoulder capsule less than two months later, dooming his career for the next six seasons. Ibanez would be a Yankee in another three seasons.