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MLB Opening Day 2016: Yankees Opening Day predictions

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball season is here and bragging rights are on the line. Test your predictive skills by answering the questions below. The Yankees will try to actually play baseball today, even though the weather looks like it might not cooperate. Should the game be postponed, the questions will still be good for whenever the team gets to play their home opener.

1. Which Yankee gets the first hit of 2016?

2. Which Yankee will drive in the first run of 2016?

3. How many strikeouts for Masahiro Tanaka?

4. How many relievers used by Joe Girardi?

5. Which team scores first?

6. How will the first Yankee reach base (hit, walk, HBP, etc)?

7. How many hits allowed by Dallas Keuchel?

8. How many innings pitched for Tanaka?

9. What will be the outcome of Alex Rodriguez's first at-bat?

10. Which Yankee will work the first walk of the season?

Tiebreaker: Predict the final score of the game

Good luck!