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PSA Comments of the Day 4/4/16: They're gonna learn to fear the Yankees

Everyone knows they play to win cause they're the New York Yankees!

We're gonna scream "PUT IT OVER THE WALLS!"
We're gonna scream "PUT IT OVER THE WALLS!"
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There was baseball on TV yesterday. Not spring training baseball or Australian league baseball, but real, actual, major league baseball. The 2016 season has begun. Six teams have already played. There are now official standings. Rejoice my brothers and sisters, for baseball is here at last.

In the first game of the season, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the St. Louis Cardinals by a score of 4-1. These two teams, in addition to the Cubs, were battling it out in the NL Central to the very end of the 2015 regular season. That will most likely continue this season. In the AL East, the vaunted Blue Jays offense wasted no time scoring runs as they beat the Rays 5-3. Yeah, their offense is still okay at hitting the baseballs. Oh, and Marcus Stroman is not too shabby at throwing the baseballs.

Finally, the Royals and the Mets continued pretty much exactly where they left off in the World Series last night. The Royals celebrated their 2015 World Series championship by raising their banner, waving hi to Marlins Man behind the home plate net, and capitalizing early on the Mets Metsing. An error by Yoenis Cespedes, as well as the inability to score off of Wade Davis would ultimately lead to their 4-3 loss to the Royals.

That was yesterday though. Today is vastly more important and exciting. Today is our Opening Day. Barring potentially bad weather, our beloved New York Yankees will don their traditional home pinstripes at 161st Street in the Bronx. At 1pm, they will begin the quest for their 28th World Series championship. Yankee Baseball is back!

Editor's Note: LOL not yet. Opening Day has been cancelled. Try again next year.

Comments of the Day

To be fair, they are the Rays!

All the best to Chien-Ming Wang. Except when he's facing the Yankees, of course.

It's not blue, but Q still gets a COTD nod for accurately predicting the score of the Mets/Royals game. The first callin' it of the season.

GIF of the Day

Exactly how I feel.

Honorable Mod Mention

Still giving a shout out to all the PSA mods and writers, as we begin this new season. Also, a shout out to all our PSAers for reading our work. Thank you all so much, and let's go Yankees!

Fun Questions

  • Wrestlemania took place yesterday. If you could have any Yankee player (past or present) walk out to any wrestler's theme music, which player and what theme would you choose?
  • Which Yankee pitcher would you love to see hit a home run? Bonus points if you give us Sterling's HR call for that pitcher.

Song of the Day

Here Come The Yankees by Bob Bundin and Lou Stallman

It's Opening Week on Pinstripe Alley. There is no other more appropriate song of the day today. I have always loved their official theme song and they need to play it more at Yankee Stadium. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for today.