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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/28/16

Rotation problems; Yankees make a dream come true; Cashman stands by shifts; Eovaldi had stuff working; Girardi responds to poor April performance

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Sherman argues that the Yankees rotation is seriously broken, and because Ivan Nova is the only other starter they have no choice but to straighten out. I agree that the rotation has been horrendous this month, but also: it's April.

FOX Sports | Sam Gardner: The Yankees made a dream come true for a child battling kidney failure, as they invited him to Tuesday night's game. He was able to meet the team during batting practice, and took a photo with his favorite player, CC Sabathia. This is such a heartwarming gesture.

New York Daily News | John Harper: Brian Cashman can't reveal the numbers, but he stands by the team's use of infield shifts. They don't affect most plays, and he says that not using them at all is like "hitting on 19" at a blackjack table. I would have to agree. The Yankees have a ton of in-house analytics, so I can't imagine they'd shoot themselves in the foot like this if it wasn't actually working.

BP Bronx | Ben Diamond: Nathan Eovaldi had all of his stuff working during his excellent start against the Rangers. His fastball wasn't in the zone, his slider was faster, and he was able to finish off hitters with the splitter. Who knows if he keeps this up, but it was nice to see for once. | Randy Miller: Joe Girardi gave the funniest non-answer to whether he's happy about the team's poor record in April: "I don't think you ever want to finish any month with a losing record because if you start to do that it makes it more difficult to make the playoffs." He's not wrong.