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Sporcle quiz: How many recent Yankees Opening Day lineups can you name?

How far back can your memory go?

These fellas started just a few Opening Days.
These fellas started just a few Opening Days.
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Opening Day is almost here, at long last. On Monday, the Yankees will face the Houston Astros and Dallas Keuchel in a rematch of the Wild Card game, and while Masahiro Tanaka taking the mound is no surprise, Joe Girardi has already let slip another one in store for the starting lineup.

Sometimes, that just happens on Opening Day. There are certainly a few difference instances that come to mind in recent memory of people who were totally not regulars that year starting on Opening Day anyway. Most of the time though, the players in the lineup are fixtures all year, or at least the first half.

So how many of the Opening Day lineups from the past 25 years can you remember? There are numerous familiar names, even if you weren't around or following the team for the earlier ones, so go for it! Take this Sporcle quiz created by James Smyth, and let us know how you did!

Opening Day is just two days away. #soon.

Paulie SOON