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Is it time for the Yankees to change their uniforms?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Yankees have had the same uniforms for a long, long time–longer than any other team in the majors. They have worn the pinstripes since 1915, made uniform numbers a permanent part of their jerseys in 1929, and short of a few changes to the text on the away jerseys, they have largely stayed the same. But is it time for the Yankees to embrace the year 2016 and add some diversity to their sportswear?

Away Jersey

My biggest complaint about the Yankees' uniforms is their away jersey. I think that road grays look incredibly ugly and plain, and I wish more teams did away with them in favor of color alternates. If the team's goal is to get fans to buy their uniforms, why play half their games in a shirt that looks like cement? I would never buy an away jersey, and I have no idea why anyone would (if you have one, please tell me why. I'm seriously curious). If the Yankees need to keep the gray, at least improve the design to make it a little more interesting to look at. Luckily, we've already seen a good candidate in recent years:

In 2012, the Yankees wore 1912 throwback uniforms to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. It was easy to be repulsed at first glance because they were something different than what we were used to, but on second thought, they actually had the makings of a nice uniform. The color is a nice light gray compared to the dreary shade they have now. I'd maybe change the socks to something other than red stripes and add numbers on the back like the normal uniforms have, but everything else seems pretty fun to look at.

It would be really easy to just have them alternate between having "New York" and "Yankees" on the front of the road gray uniform. They spent a good amount of time swapping between the two before George Steinbrenner came along, but what would really be the point?

Road Alternate Jersey

The Yankees have played in the same clothes for so long, it's impossible to believe they would ever permanently change anything, but what if they introduced an alternative jersey like many teams have today?

The Yankees batting practice uniform is actually already a pretty nice jersey by itself. They seem to have two variations, one that is solid blue with a white-faced cap and another that has blue with white down the sides and a silver-brimmed hat. The Yankees have actually worn their batting practice caps during regular series games before:

I'd probably go with either one of them, but I'd lean toward the solid blue. If it's an away jersey, they could just wear the away pants they have now.

Looking for more alternate jerseys, I came across a new home version on Deviant Art that seems to combine elements of the traditional home uniform with the sleeves of the batting practice jersey. It almost looks like a vest-styled jersey, but could the Yankees pull off a look like that?

Home Alternate Jersey

The Yankees have generally turned Yankee Stadium into the Disneyland of sports, where everything is always the same and everyone has a mass-produced experience. The place is like a museum, all the music is outdated, and "God Bless America" will forever be sung by the same long-dead singer. The pinstripes are considered a religion at this point, but what if they changed things up?

Starting off really easy, what if the Yankees wore something similar to the throwback uniforms the old Yankees wore during the last game at the old Yankee Stadium in 2008? This alternate jersey would require high socks, but it's generally the same uniform, just with a champagne color. May play with the final color a bit to make it less yellow and more like the cream-colored uniforms the Mets have worn in recent years.

Whole Uniform Sets

Instead of simply editing an existing jersey or adding a third, what if the Yankees completely redid their entire uniform set? There have been plenty of reimaginings over the years. Phil Hecken of Uni-Watch did a monochrome remake of their uniforms back in 2010 and the results were pretty cool:

He gave the Yankees reverse-pinstripes with a solid blue uniform and white pinstripes, which is a little hard to imagine in real life. Vanderbilt University has black uniform with white pinstripes, but the navy color would be a little different. This might be a better rendering of what they would look like:

The other two are solid blue uniforms with no designs on top. They are both very simple and clean, and I particularly like the road jersey with "New York" on the front as it creates a really bold look.

Another redesign in 2010 came courtesy of 44th and Goal with a few different designs that actually look promising:

The traditional pinstripes remain intact, but their alternate home jersey is derived from their blue top batting practice jerseys.

The away uniform is changed drastically by placing blue pinstripes on top of a gray uniform. For the alternate, the gray top is replaced with solid blue and the gray pinstriped pants.

As the team's Sunday alternate uniform, the Yankees will wear cream-colored home jerseys with no NY symbol on the chest. It creates a very old-school look, at least from the front.

In 2013, a member of the community decided to redo the team's uniform set too, creating a similar yet distinct look for the Bombers:

The home and away uniforms remained the same, but he added a cream-colored variation of the 2012 throwback uniforms as well as another away uniform derived from the batting practice solid blue. Both alternates would look great, in my opinion.

It's important to remember that the Yankees have a much better uniform than others many teams, and they aren't subjected to some of the really bad alternate jerseys out there. A little variation would be nice, but they are much better off than whatever the Diamondbacks are wearing this season. What do you think about the idea of new uniforms? Would you welcome a change or should everything remain as it is now?