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The Yankees have become a fun team to watch both on and off the field

Remembering some of the fun moments from the past few seasons.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In case you've missed it, the Yankees have somehow morphed into a fun team over the past few years. Both on and off the field, there has been an increase in team camaraderie that simply makes games more enjoyable to watch. The Yankees can't always win, or even play well for that matter, but sometimes the losses don't feel as bad when the players appear to be having a good time.

The fun on the field seemed to start in 2014 when the now infamous horse head debuted. If you don't remember, former Yankee reliever Shawn Kelley ordered a plastic horse head off of the internet and surprised his teammates when he wore it during stretching drills. The Yankees won that game, and the team thought it was funny, so Kelley naturally kept wearing it until they lost.

We all know the Yankees are sticklers for rules, especially the ones regarding the team's facial hair policy. Beards are not allowed, but mustaches are fair game. Although there are typically a few players who sport a trimmed mustache, no one was expecting the entire team to grow mustaches last year. It all began in April when the Yankees were about to sweep a series against the Rays and Brett Gardner decided to let his mustache grow out.

The majority of the team joined in, and the Yankees won four straight games and seven of eight games. Most of the mustaches looked really bad, and some players gave up altogether, but it was a team bonding experience and they all seemed to enjoy the process. Nearly everyone shaved their mustaches off in May when the team started losing. However, Brendan Ryan spent the start of the season on the disabled list and was determined not to miss out on all the fun, so he showed up rocking a 'stache in June and refused to shave it off.

(h/t Kunj)

In addition to their on-field antics, the Yankees have also been having fun with videos over the past few years. It all started in 2014 with Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira. Posing as the host, Tex interviewed everyone from Masahiro Tanaka to Derek Jeter to a brand new base. It's difficult to say whether Tex really is as awkward as he comes off in the interviews, but all of the players were good sports and the results were hilarious.

It is a bummer that Teixeira's show didn't come back for a second season, but the Yankees have almost made up for it by putting together some great commercials this year. So far they've had Starlin Castro and Didi Gregorius reenact a scene from the movie 'Step Brothers,' while Andrew Miller has posed as the team's bouncer. Chase Headley has also showed off his basketball moves, and Brian McCann hassled everyone by the water cooler. Hopefully there are more commercials to come.

(h/t Andrew)

The Yankees have also really stepped up their social media presence over the past year. Possibly in an attempt to cater to some of the younger fanbase, you can even find the Yankees on Snapchat and Periscope. The team Twitter account used to be terrible, but they posted some real gems last season, including the creation of "#BAEROD" after Alex Rodriguez hit a grand slam.

Several of the Yankee players have a fun presence on Twitter, as well. A-Rod made sure everyone was updated about his workout regimen during the offseason, and also posts plenty of amusing photos of himself decked out in suits. Didi Gregorius is always good for a laugh, especially when it comes to his summaries of winning games (and his use of emojis).

Whatever happens this season, it's sure to be a fun one.