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PSA Comments of the Day 3/8/16: Yankees vs. Marlins

Yes the Yankees front office has been evil of late, but yesterday the Yankees did something great.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Michael Pineda, Luis Severino, Andrew Miller, and Dellin Betances all pitched in yesterday's game, with Miller and Betances making their season debuts. Severino's outing was probably the most closely watched after his poor spring training debut, but the young pitcher only allowed two hits with three strikeouts in three innings of work this time around. Excellent turn around for him. The Yankees lost 1-0 after Betances allowed the sole run of the game, but games this early are more just about building up the arm strength and getting used to pitching than anything else. Still though the game wasn't the only thing that happened in Yankees camp yesterday, they actually added another player!

That's right, those fans clamoring for a youth movement should have nothing to complain about now. A second baseman out of Indiana, 10 year-old Landis Sims, a boy with no hands or lower legs, signed a one-day contract with the Yankees yesterday and definitely made some impressions.

What an awesome story! It's great that the team got to help fulfill his wish to be a member of the Yankees.

Also if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, take some time and read CC Sabathia's piece in the Players' Tribune from yesterday. It's a really powerful piece that offers what I'm sure is just a slight illustration of his struggles with alcoholism.

Comments of the Day

Game of Thrones on Sundays at 10pm? I think not.

GIF Tweet of the Day

Not just your teammates. We're all rooting for you, CC!

Honorable Mod Mention

Harlan wins for getting the only COTD yesterday.

Fun Questions

  • Do you ever wear sports jerseys if you're not watching or attending a game?
  • What could John Sterling's home run call for Landis Sims be?

Song of the Day

Echa Pa'lla by Pitbull ft. Papayo

It's #DALE Week on Pinstripe Alley. I'm not the biggest Pitbull fan, but I do really love this song. I first heard it while partying on a beach in Nicaragua when I was on vacation so the memories might have more to do with me liking the song than anything else, but whatever. The link above is for the Spanish version, but there is also an English version available. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for today's game. The Yankees take on the Miami Marlins today with lefty CC Sabathia making his first start of spring training. It's almost no surprise that his Players' Tribune piece came on the eve of his pitching debut for the season. There will be lots of eyes on him as he "fights for a spot in the rotation." (Hint: he's not fighting for a rotation spot.) Unfortunately, like yesterday, today's game is also not being broadcast anywhere because MLB is trying to make the game more accessible by making the game less accessible. Bold strategy, Cotton!

Praise be to the knee brace!