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PSA Comments of the Day 3/24/16: Yankees vs. Rays tonight

Year-long retirement tours tend to drag on, but a two-year tour for A-Rod doesn't seem long enough.

PSA hasn't used enough pictures of me recently. I should make an announcement, for I am burdened with glorious purpose!
PSA hasn't used enough pictures of me recently. I should make an announcement, for I am burdened with glorious purpose!
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Yesterday, Alex Rodriguez shocked the sports world by acknowledging his current contract ends after the 2017 season. Okay, it was a bit more than just that his contract will end, but he told Andrew Marchand of ESPN that his playing career will likely end after that as well.

I wouldn't necessarily call this "breaking" news as he will be 42 at the end of the contract, and who knows if he'll still be effective at that time. And lets be honest, aside from the fact that (so far) he's only won one World Series ring, there isn't much left for him to accomplish at this point on the baseball field, but still stuff he wants to accomplish off the field. A-Rod acknowledges that he wants to convert the "A" in "A-Rod" to "Dad" and become "Dad-Rod" full-time.

"I won't play after next year," Rodriguez said. "I've really enjoyed my time. For me, it is time for me to go home and be Dad."

While none of this comes as news, it's still worth noting that there's still over 300 games to play between now and then, and if he's still effective, there's a chance, albeit slight, he might try and extend his career.

Being honest though, we're probably looking at the final two years of a remarkable baseball career. And now for the next seven-ish years, we all get to be part of the fun exciting tired #Rod4HOF debate. yay.

Comments of the Day

If only this settled it.

GIF of the Day

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RunningAfterHelmet-Rod will never not be funny.

Honorable Mod Mention

If Tanya won yesterday for her "best case scenario" for the 2016 Yankees, should Caitlin win the Dishonorable Mod Mention for her "worst case scenario" for the 2016 Yankees? Eh, I'll just give it to Andrew for his A-Rod chasing helmets post from 2013. Always a good time.

Fun Questions

  • Favorite moment from A-Rod's career thus far?
  • Imagine you represent one of the 29 non-Yankee MLB teams. What gift would you give A-Rod in a retirement tour?

Song of the Day

Rise by Eddie Vedder

It's Nature Week on Pinstripe Alley. Today's song comes from the soundtrack of the 2007 film, Into the Wild. What better to celebrate nature than remembering a movie/book about surviving the wilderness? This song/movie/book really hits home for me right now as one of my close friends departs today on his journey to walk the Appalachian Trail. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for tonight's game against the Rays. Masahiro Tanaka and the Yankees were shelled 13-0 yesterday, so here's hoping for a quick turnaround. CC Sabathia will take the mound for the Yankees, hoping to put an end to this "who will be the fifth starter" conversation with a solid outing. Again, he's still likely to get the first shot out of the gate at the rotation, so there's not much else to say on this really. Tonight's game will not be broadcast anywhere so let's just all close our eyes and imagine CC throwing a perfect game in spring training.