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PSA Comments of the Day 3/11/16: Yankees vs. Orioles

It's Tanaka Time!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees played both the Blue Jays and the Orioles yesterday. Such a feat has been accomplished through science. The Yankees managed to perfect cloning, therefor making it possible for them to send their players to play in both games. You're just going to have to trust me on this one. Hopefully they use this new scientific knowledge to send Bariano Divera to the bullpen pretty soon. Today, the Yankees face the Orioles. Masahiro Tanaka will take the mound.

Comments of the Day

Nothing really. Well, I had a comment blue'd, but it was a GIF so.

GIF of the Day

The best answer to the question of which AL East team has the best rotation.

Honorable Mod Mention

I suppose I deserve the HMM for my one blue'd comment, but it will go to Tom for his article on the AL East rotations.

Fun Questions

  • Who are some of your favorite authors?
  • Outside of the Yankees, what baseball team are you most curious about this year?

Song of the Day

Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone ft. Pitbull

It's #DALE Week on Pinstripe Alley. This song really doesn't have much of Mr. Worldwide, but I think it's cheesy as everything. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for today's game. It's Yankees vs. Orioles this afternoon. This game will be broadcast on the YES network. Tanaka will take the mound. Here's hoping we see some of "dat splitter."

go yankees go baseball