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Sporcle quiz: Which Yankees wore each number the most in history?

The Yankees' primary retired numbers might be easy, but how far can you go beyond that?

definitely #69
definitely #69
Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Most baseball fans know that the Yankees have retired more numbers than any team in baseball, and while some of that simply has to do with the ol' #brand, it also speaks to the remarkable talent that has passed through the pinstripes over the years.

So because the Yankees have retired so many numbers, awesome players have had to settle for other numbers. The fans can still remember plenty of them, but how many? With the help of Baseball-Reference, I found out who wore each number from 1 through 59 more than anyone in franchise history and made a Sporcle quiz. (Going beyond that would have been a bit difficult, save for well-known high number exceptions like Dellin Betances.)

When there were players or managers of the same number who were close in tenure, I gave the edge to the player with the most games, unless there was a pitcher who had more years but fewer games just because of usage. That meant leaving off a few seemingly intuitively names, but so it goes. Either way, good luck and let us know how you fared in the comments!