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PSA Comments of the Day 2/7/16: Superb Owl Open Thread

Go Broncos!

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Today is the day and tonight is the night we've all been waiting for. The big game is finally here! And don't try and come at me with your fancy logic and be all "but Kunj, this is a baseball blog...we like the World Series more" because you know what I say to that? I say, "well you're right Stevie, but there's no baseball on today, so hush." Tonight's match-up will see the Big Cats of Carolina (there's no need to specify which Carolina because we all know North Carolina is the best Carolina) face off against Horses from Denver. The reason I'm being so vague is because "the NFL is notoriously litigious to unlicensed broadcasters," according to one Stephen Colbert.

Oh wait, I'm not a broadcaster? Let's try this again. Tonight's the Superbowl and the Carolina Panthers will be facing the Denver Broncos. In what should hopefully be a good game dominated by good defense, here's hoping the Broncos defense can do enough to stop NFL MVP Cam Newton and let Peyton Manning go out on top. So all of us* here at Pinstripe Alley are rooting for a Broncos victory.

Comments of the Day


GIF of the Day

In case you wanted a recap of what happened in the last episode of the Superbowl.

Honorable Mod Mention

Matt F. wins for his look into Sir Didi's twitter.

Fun Questions

  • Predict the final score of the Superbowl.
  • Who wins MVP?

Song of the Day

September by Earth, Wind, & Fire

It's Earth, Wind, & Fire week on Pinstripe Alley. 2016 continued it's agenda against musicians last week and Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire, passed away. Today's song was chosen because after tonight, the next time we'll see any real football is September. As always, please link us your song of the day. R.I.P. Maurice White.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Excited for the game tonight?

*All of us, in this instance, refers only to me as I don't speak for the rest of the staff.