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Didi Gregorius' Twitter has made him one of the most endearing Yankees

Didi Gregorius may not ever be an All-Star, but his Twitter account makes him as lovable as one.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The advent of Twitter has allowed us as fans to get to know athletes a little better than we otherwise would. In some cases, like Brandon McCarthy, it has allowed us to see how genuinely funny he is. In other cases, it has showed us a side of an athlete we would have preferred not to see. I won't bring up any names on that one.

Didi Gregorius had a pretty good debut season for the Yankees. He started a bit slow in the beginning of the season, but by the end of the year, he had become a decent hitter. Add that in to his excellent defense, and he's arguably one of the top ten shortstops in baseball. I think for the most part, Yankees' fans are pretty happy with Didi.

But there's another thing that Didi Gregorius brings to the table. It's that his Twitter account is extremely endearing.

Early last season, after nearly every win, Gregorius would tweet out something along the line of this:

As the season went along, his postgame victory tweets got a little more involved, he delved deep into the emoji keyboard, and he began to show some personality.

And as we go ever deeper into the season, he began giving full on game recaps, complete with his own nicknames for teammates.

It's baseball, so of course the Yankees didn't win every game, but Didi was there with a reminder to never get too upset by one loss.

After a game against the Rangers, during which he was hit in a, um, "sensitive" area, Gregorius had this to say:

Didi's Twitter may not have the legitimate comedy of a McCarthy, or the "eccentricities" of Todd Coffey, but he has become one of the more likable and endearing Yankees, thanks to the adorableness of his Twitter.