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Please welcome Carnal Lobster to the Yankees (or, fun with anagrams)

Let us pass the time until spring training with this diversion. You have to play, or Mr. Linty Bleach will get ya!

"Good work, Carny! I'm proud of you! Stay away from my dinner though."
"Good work, Carny! I'm proud of you! Stay away from my dinner though."
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It is a dark time for baseball, as Opening Day is still over 60 days away. Pitchers and catchers won't even all report until a couple weeks from now.

So to fill that void, how about a diversion? Bleed Cubbie Blue has done this game before, and it's simple enough. Using the Internet Anagram Server, I've taken the Yankees40-man roster and turned all the names into anagrams. How many players' names can you unscramble?

Try to name as many of them as you can in the comments! Let's see if the community can get all 40. I'm terrible with anagrams, so best of luck to you. And yes, I might still be 12.

Long live Dicky Goon.

Inbred Nap Nerd
Asinine Tumor
Dicky Goon
A Satan Hair Amok
He Heals Decay
Lie Us Sacs
I Urged Zero Lax
Scab Needle Lint
Anal Death Vino
Bath Jar by Noon
I Remix Karate
Viva Anon!
Irk by Yeast
Wire Monk Club
Scrotal Strain
Mr. Cab Can Inn
Lancer Jib Dong
Baas at Chic
Bagel Men
Miss Wino Llama
Red Ferry Snob
Panoramas, Child
Mecca Votes Nip
Carnal Lobster
Mr. Linty Bleach
I Did Rug Orgies
Jam Soap Sez
So Lives Urine
A Nacho Risk
Reminder Wall
Sternly Ole
Ed Gig Brr
Rat Berg Trend
I Nice Headlamp
Shh, Severance
Dainty Suckle
Racy Shag Zen
By "Ulcer Joys Lab"
Yo, Dental Errors!
He Latched Toast