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The very worst of Yankees picture day 2016

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Picture day 2016 came to Yankees spring training camp this weekend and, like all picture days ever to take place, the results were horrendous. Baseball picture day is a little better than all the other picture days out there, except that it's actually amazing. Here are the weirdest, creepiest, and most awkward pictures to come out of picture day this year.

Chris Parmelee

Chris Parmelee looks absolutely terrified about something. Probably the next year he'll spent in Scranton, PA. I hope he's ok.

Kirby Yates

Both Kirby Yates and Kevin Malone want to tell you all about an antacid you take once a week.

Domingo German

Domingo looks high out of his mind right now. Probably not the best strategy when trying to throw a baseball in the right direction.

Eddy Rodriguez

oh my god what is wrong with Eddy Rodriguez's face right now? That's the biggest dimple.

Luis "Matt" Cessa

Hmmmmmmmmmm not again, Kylo, not again.

Richard Bleier

This is the love child between Mark Ruffalo and Oscar Isaac. Don't try to argue with me on this.

Vinnie Pestano

This is an adorable picture. Vinnie Pestano is actually adorable. I hope he makes the team, but actually not really. Just have a good time.

Austin Romine

Oh man, Austin Romine might be the least photogenic person in the world. And this is pretty good for him.

Tyler Cloyd

You seem a little too happy to be here. Calm it down. (why do you look like Brian McCann as a teenager)

Masahiro Tanaka

This is a weird pose, but Tanaka is the cutest.

This was actually a better year than the last few have been. Congrats, guys. Hopefully next year is a little more awkward.