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Sporcle quiz: Yankees strikeout leaders A-Z

Which Yankee pitchers had the most strikeouts for each letter of the alphabet?

Not quite enough innings for Mo.
Not quite enough innings for Mo.
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The other day, I attempted to battle the humdrum of Yankees news these days by launching an A-Z Sporcle quiz on the Yankees with most homers by surname initial in franchise history. Since the cycle has remained pretty quiet, it's time for another one.

Since the other game focused on hitters, I thought it was only fair to pair that A-Z game with one that featured pitchers. So for every letter, you have to guess the Yankees pitcher with the most strikeouts by last name. This one is a little trickier than the hitters game since pitchers aren't quite as storied in team history, but you should be able to at least figure out a good chunk of them.

Either way, good luck, and comment how you did to compare results!