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Donating $1 to domestic violence charity for every strikeout by the Yankees’ closer this season

Rewarding charities that work to end domestic violence to have some good come out of a bad situation.

It’s after 5:30 am and I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because I’m angry. I’m angry at professional sports for not having better domestic violence policies. I’m angry at professional athletes who think it’s okay for them to hurt and intimidate their significant others. I’m angry at the Yankees for caring more about profits than morals. I’m angry at the massive amount of people who aren’t angry.

There isn’t a lot I can do now that the Yankees have signed a new closer for the next five years. He can’t be traded for at least three of those years, so even hoping for that isn’t an option. All that I can do right now is put my money where my mouth is.

I’ve decided to donate $1 for every strikeout the Yankees’ closer gets this season (thanks to former PSA writer Matt Keegan for the inspiration) to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. NCADV’s mission is to create an environment where victims and survivors of domestic violence are empowered and abusers are held accountable for their actions by increasing awareness and understanding of the impacts of domestic violence in society.

If you’d like to donate in any capacity to a domestic violence charity of your choosing alongside me, screenshot confirmation of your donation and send it to us on Twitter @pinstripealley. We’d be happy to give you a shoutout and a follow for your efforts. It’s not much, but it is at least a way for us to show our gratitude.

Nothing I do can change the decision that was made by the Yankees. I’m not going to feel good about it, no matter how much money I donate to try and offset my frustration. At least this way I can feel like some good can come from having a person I cannot root for on my favorite team. If you disagree with any of this, that’s fine too. No one is twisting your arm.

The Yankees voted with their wallet above all else when it came to this deal. The least I can do is also vote with mine. This is how I choose to do that, and I hope you’ll consider joining me.