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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/28/16

Trade for Quintana and D-Rob unlikely; The Yanks need to improve their rotation; Gardner and Betances are “over-hated”

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
High socks for I miss you.
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Around the Empire

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo & Kristie Ackert: Yesterday a rumor came out the Yankees had started up talks with the White Sox again regarding not-an-ace Jose Quintana. This time, however, the rumor suggested that the Yankees would be interested in bringing back David Robertson as part of the trade. While the two teams do match-up on paper for a trade, it seems that because of the rumored cost of the players this type of trade seems unlikely.

FanRag Sports | Stacey Gotsulias: The Yankees need to do something about their starting pitching situation if they have any hopes (as far-fetched as they may be) of competing next year. But will they be able to improve their situation by Opening Day? Obviously the Quintana rumors suggest that the Yankees are aware of the situation and he would definitely be an upgrade to the rotation. And outside of their in-house options, there are still some free agents that could make sense, like Doug Fister.

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: A list of baseball things that made everyone react in 2016 and whether or not the reaction was justified. While it covers more than just the Yankees, you’ll notice some Yankees in there such as Brett Gardner and Dellin Betances being “over-hated.” However he calls Netflix overrated, so how much credibility does this list actually have?

Fun Questions

  • Did you have a new year’s resolution coming into 2016? How successful were you?
  • Best way to celebrate the new year?

Song of the Day

Lost Stars by Keira Knightley

It’s New Beginnings Week on Pinstripe Alley. I think last year during this week, I flooded the Comments of the Day threads (pour one out) with songs from this movie, Begin Again. I absolutely love this movie and its soundtrack. This is my favorite song from that movie and it talks about turning the page and seeing where tomorrow brings us, so it fits. As always, please link us your song of the day.