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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/23/16

Severino will go to rotation or Triple-A; NYY has most improved farm system; Curry likes Cashman’s Red Sox/Warriors comp; Nova signs with Pittsburgh

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Around the Empire

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: Those who have a dream of Luis Severino, bullpen ace will have to wait a little longer. Brian Cashman has officially said that it’s rotation or Triple-A for Severino, at least to start 2017. Hopefully they don’t stick him in Triple-A because I don’t think he has anything left to do there. He needs to be in the major league rotation. Another interesting thing of note is that Cashman has apparently fielded plenty of calls for Michael Pineda, yet he’s still here unfortunately. | Jim Callis: Not only do the Yankees have the most improved farm system in baseball, they arguably have the best and deepest system as well. While going into 2016 they had a promising system headlined by Jorge Mateo, Gary Sanchez, and Aaron Judge, what Brian Cashman has been able to do is remarkable. He took a system that couldn’t quite crack the top 10 and make it number one.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: After Chris Sale was forced to change the color of his socks, Brian Cashman made a comment about the Red Sox being MLB’s version of the Warriors. Steph Curry was recently asked about it and said he liked Cashman’s comment. Which makes sense since Cashman wasn’t insulting either team. Curry also mentioned he is a Red Sox fan though, so we should effectively root against him now. That’s how this works, right? | Randy Miller: Ivan Nova has officially signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates. After resurrecting his career after being traded to the Pirates, it made sense that Nova went back to where he had a lot of success. From the Pirates standpoint, it’s a great deal too. Three years for $26 million is not bad at all. Way less than the $70 million he supposedly wanted and also less than the $52 million MLB Trade Rumors predicted for him.

Fun Questions

  • Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, neither, or both?
  • Cleveland signed Edwin Encarnacion for 3 years/$60 million with a club option for year 4. Would you have liked for the Yankees to have signed him for that deal instead?

Song of the Day

Silent Night (by Chewbacca) by James Covenant

It’s Christmas Week on Pinstripe Alley. What better way to celebrate the week than having Chewbacca sing Silent Night? None, right? Exactly. Thank PSA user NoMahbles for sharing this wonderful masterpiece. As always, please link us your song of the day.