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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/17/16

Hank Steinnbrenner hopes young Yankees can be the face of a new dynasty; Chapman did not approve of Joe Maddon’s use of him in the WS; Yankees and six other teams pay baseball’s luxury text; a look at Yankee prospect Miguel Andujar

Derek Jeter Media Availability
What do I even DO here anyway?
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Around the Empire

New York Post | AP: Hal Steinbrenner recen...wait no, that’s Hank Steinbrenner. What does he think he’s doing talking to the press? Anyway, Hank Steinbrenner talked to the press about what he saw from the young Yankees in the latter of the season and how he’s hopeful they could be the face of a new dynasty. One step at a time please, Hank. Hank also stated that the Yankees would be willing to pay to keep them together when they start winning consistently. Neat.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Aroldis Chapman was in the news again recently for criticizing Cubs manager and future “I was famous before the hall” Hall of Famer Joe Maddon. Chapman was not overly fond of the way he was used in the World Series, specifically Game 6. The Cubs ultimately won, but Chapman has a decent point about his overuse. Either way, it doesn’t really matter much now.

Newsday | AP: The Yankees have once again landed on that space between Park Place and Fanposts Boardwalk. They, along with six other teams, will pay baseball’s luxury tax this season. While the Yankees will pay $27.4 million, the Dodgers will ayaypay $31.8 million. The Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, and the Giants also paid.

FanRag | Bernie Pleskoff: Finally, here’s a look at the Yankees’ 3B prospect Miguel Andujar. His strengths seem plentiful, but he is still not projected to be a major league player until at least 2018. Still, one never knows. Rumor has it that you cannot predict baseball.

Fun Questions

  • What is your favorite episode of a show you liked? Better yet, name three favorite episodes.
  • Do you still listen to the radio? If so, what stations?

Song of the Day

You’re My Best Friend by Queen

It’s The Best Week on Pinstripe Alley. I thought I’d end this week with one of the best bands. Also, Shah has been great this week regarding the news and song choices. You’re my best friend, Shah. As always, please link us your song of the day.