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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/16/16

Yanks finalize Chapman deal, DFA Goody; Betances okay with return to setup role; Tex is a fan of Bird; Anniversary of Lee signing in Philly; Gardner and his wife spend time with sick children

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Maybe the DFA’d him because they were jealous of his sweet moves
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Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Last week the Yankees and Aroldis Chapman agreed to a five-year deal for $86 million. Yesterday, the team officially finalized the deal with Chapman. In order to make room for him, the team said Goodbyey to Nick Goody by DFAing him. I guess yesterday was Below Averagey for Nick. I wonder if he has to return his Scranton Shuttle bus pass or not.

New York Daily News | Mark Feinsand: After Chapman and Andrew Miller were traded away last season, Dellin Betances got promoted to be the Yankee closer. Unfortunately, however, with the resigning of Chapman, he lost his job as the closer and went back to being a setup man. Fortunately, good guy that he is, Betances says he’s okay with not being the closer because Chapman makes the team better. Betances cares more about pitching in October than pitching in the ninth. On a side note about Feinsand though, this is his last post with NYDN as he announced he’s leaving the Yankee beat in a goodbye post. Best of luck to him! | Brendan Kuty: Unless you just discovered Pinstripe Alley this morning, you should know that all of us here at PSA are fans of Greg Bird. He is the word. Recently retired Mark Teixeira is also a fan of Bird and says he just has to work through the inevitable rust and he’ll be fine. Teixeira also says that he’s sure of his retirement and has no thoughts of a comeback. He also says that while he may eventually come to spring training as a guest instructor, it won’t happen this year. Bird or anyone can call him for advice or anything, but he wants to spend his first free spring in years at home.

FanRag Sports | Evan Davis: Six years ago yesterday, Cliff Lee decided to take less years and money to sign with the Phillies instead of the Yankees. Did he make the right decision or would he have been better off signing with the Yankees? Obviously neither team won a World Series in the timing of his signing, and while he may not have impacted the regular season records that much, he certainly could have helped the Yankees come playoff time. Especially in 2011 where Lee could have potentially started an ALDS game two over Freddy Garcia.

Post and Courier | Grace Raynor: His name is GGBG, but now it’s time to add a couple extra G’s to Brett Gardner’s moniker. Those G’s stand for “good guy” as Gardner and his wife Jessica visited patients at MUSC Children’s Hospital on Wednesday. The Gardners have made this an annual tradition, where they go visit children during the holidays. Always nice to see an athlete doing something nice for the community.

Fun Questions

  • Did you watch Rogue One already? If not, are you planning on watching it this weekend? (Remember the spoiler tag if you have seen it and want to discuss!)
  • Yesterday was Greg’s birthday. Write him a happy birthday haiku.

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