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Sporcle quiz: Name every Yankees Hall of Famer

With Hall of Fame voting in the news, see if you can remember how many Yanks are already enshrined.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees
This guy might make it one day. Maybe.
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the holiday season right now, but it’s also Hall of Fame voting season. Several former Yankees are on the ballot, though Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez look to be the only one with a shot to reach immortality in Cooperstown this time around.

Raines fits the bill nicely for this Sporcle quiz, which asks the player to name as many Yankees Hall of Famers as possible. These aren’t just the people wearing Yankees hats in Cooperstown—these are all the enshrined players (not managers or executives) who played at one game with the Yankees. So while Raines and Pudge would wear Expos and Rangers hats, respectively, they would still make this quiz.

Although there are many obvious names here, I would be stunned if anyone got 100 percent without cheating because there are some obscure people, too. That being said, good luck!

Share how you did in the comments and compare your scores!