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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/10/16

Moose belongs in the Hall of Fame; Yankees are done for the Winter Meetings; Yanks should be able to spend beyond 2017; Felix Lopez selling his World Series rings

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated | Jay Jaffe: Mike Mussina belongs in the Hall of Fame. Even if he never reached 300 wins, won a Cy Young, or captureed a World Series for various reasons, he has a case among the best of them.

The Ringer | Ben Lindbergh: The Yankees will most likely end up regretting the Aroldis Chapman signing. Chapman's strikeout rate fell to its lowest since 2011 and saw the second highest increase of pitches thrown in the strike zone. While throwing a ball in the zone isn't necessarily a bad thing, and he's likely to have a good season, once the speed goes, it could be interesting.

Yahoo Sports | Jeff Passan: Even with the Chapman signing, the Yankees should still be able to potentially afford a Bryce Harper contract. Although he has an expensive contract that's sure to put them over the tax threshold this season, with money coming off next season and the threshold increasing, the team should still be able to reset their tax threshold and spend big when the time comes. | Bryan Hoch: Going into the winter meetings, the Yankees had a lot of needs. They made two moves in signing Matt Holliday and Chapman and they are pretty much done. The top priorities were getting Chapman and a DH and Chapman got his guys.

Associated Press: Felix Lopez, aka the reason why Yoan Moncada went to Boston and now why the Yankees don't have Chris Sale, is selling his World Series rings. Now that he and Jessica Steinbrenner are separated, it seems Lopez is trying to get rid of his Yankee memorabilia.