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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/8/16

Gary Sanches is a AL ROTY finalist; Gary Sanchez and other Latin American baseball players speak out against the international draft; Hal has given Cashman a payroll number; Gleyber happy for former teammates but ready to bring championship back to the Bronx

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays
Sliding into your ROTY
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: The AL Rookie of the Year finalists have been announced and surprise, Gary Sanchez is one of the three finalists. Michael Fulmer of the Tigers and Tyler Naquin from Cleveland are his competition. Sanchez did not have a full season, but what he did in the two months he played was historic. The fact that he’s a finalist is incredible. Here’s hoping he wins.

Baseball America | Ben Badler: An international draft has been placed on the table for this upcoming collective bargaining agreement. The current one is set to expire on December 1st. Several Latin American players are opposed to the draft and have made videos to voice their opinion. AL ROTY finalist Gary Sanchez is one of those players.

New York Daily News | Mark Feinsand: Continuing with talks regarding the collective bargaining agreement, a new deal between the players’ union and MLB should result in a higher competitive balance tax threshold number. Even without knowing what the number will be, Hal has supposedly given Brian Cashman a payroll number. Cashman won’t tell us what it is because he’s rude.

New York Daily News | Kristie Ackert: In case you didn’t hear the news, the Cubs won the World Series. In case you didn’t know, the Yankees traded Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs and received Gleyber Torres, their current #1 ranked prospect, in return. Gleyber was happy to see his friends win a World Series, but is now focused on bringing the championship back to the Bronx.

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Song of the Day

Ohio by Neil Young

It’s Canada Week on Pinstripe Alley. We’ve gotta get down to it, like Neil Young says. To be honest, I picked this song today because a lot of eyes are going to be on the state of Ohio today for some silly reason. As always, please link us your song of the day.