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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/7/16

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Hal Steinbrenner is optimistic about the future; CC Sabathia to undergo routine surgery on his knee; Tanaka and Gardner are the Yankees’ best chances for a Gold Glove award; Eric Young Jr. elects to become a free agent

Cleveland Indians v New York Yankees
Is B1G like RE2PECT?

Around the Empire

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Hal Steinbrenner is pretty pleased with the current direction of his team. The last two months of the season probably helped with that, especially after seeing what the young players can do. Hal said he’s looking forward to a full season of Gary Sanchez, along with getting Greg Bird back. He’s also hopeful that Aaron Judge can win the job in right field. Hal is now us. We are Hal. Except for Gary, because he is Gary.

New York Daily News | Mark Feinsand: CC Sabathia’s comeback was so refreshing to see. Once again, he will have surgery on his knee. This is nothing to be concerned about, as it’s just a routine clean-up which is standard procedure for Sabathia. Let us pray to the knee brace that it goes well and that he can continue his resurgence next year. Praise be.

LoHud Yankees Blog | Chad Jennings: The Gold Glove awards will eventually be announced and the Yankees could have a few winners. In addition to his stellar, ace-like pitching, Masahiro Tanaka has fantastic defensive skills which could net him the award this year. Another candidate is Brett Gardner in left field. Colby Rasmus might get the award over him. It wouldn’t be the first or second time Gardner has fallen short of one.

LoHud Yankees Blog | Chad Jennings: We are not even a week into the offseason and the Yankees are already clearing spots on the 40-man roster. Add future sporacle answer Eric Young Jr. to the list of players outrighted and electing to become free agents. Give this article a look if you’re curious about the current state of the roster.

Fun Questions

  • Which player do you keep forgetting was a member of the 2016 Yankees?
  • Name a silly profession you could see Mark Teixeira doing eventually

Song of the Day

You’ve Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman

It’s Mark Teixeira Week on Pinstripe Alley. Seriously, someone needs to make a video of silly Tex moments and Tex faces and set it to this song. The profits will come rolling in. As always, please link us your song of the day.