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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/4/16

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Gary Sanchez impressed the baseball world; Aaron Judge could be an important piece of the puzzle next season; the Yankees have to decide what they are going to do with McCann; George Steinbrenner is on the Today’s Game Era ballot for the Hall of Fame

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
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Around the Empire

Newsday | Erik Boland: He was Gary. He was called up at the beginning of August and he shocked and impressed the baseball world. The first two months of Gary Sanchez’s major league career can accurately be described as “historic.” In addition to his twenty home runs, his defensive was equally impressive. His arm cannon is powerful and accurate and is already being compared to Ivan Rodriguez. The baseball world now knows who he is. He is Gary.

New York Daily News | Anthony McCarron: Gary Sanchez might be the talk of the baseball world, but a lot of pinstriped eyes will be on Aaron Judge this spring. Judge made a huge first impression in his first major league at bat. Afterwards, he struck out. A lot. Judge has to earn his spot on the roster and he is well aware of that. If he can adjust like we all hope he can, the Yankees have a very powerful bat in their lineup.

New York Post | Dan Martin: The Yankees have quite a few questions going into this offseason. The first of those questions is what to do with Brian McCann. With Gary Sanchez clearly poised to take the starting catcher’s job, it is unclear whether or not the Yankees will go with McCann or Austin Romine as their backup. Romine had a pretty decent year, so he could be traded. So could McCann. Put on your speculation hats.

LoHud Yankees Blog | Chad Jennings: George Steinbrenner is on the Today’s Game Era ballot for the Hall of Fame. He is one of ten individuals up for inclusion into Cooperstown. It is unclear whether or not they will move Giant Steinbrenner Face from Monument Park up to the Hall of Fame if he wins. | Brendan Kuty: Finally, here’s a look at the Yankees training complex down in Florida. This is where the magic happens, ladies and gentlemen.

Fun Questions

  • Would you rather the Yankees trade McCann or Romine? Why?
  • (Borrowing this question from Twitter) Batman gets his name from his fear of bats. Using this logic, what would your superhero name be?

Song of the Day

Thriller by Michael Jackson

It’s Mark Teixeira Week on Pinstripe Alley. Today’s song is the song Tex used in 2015, during his incredible bid for Comeback Player of the Year. Curse that fluke injury that hampered his chances. Darkness fell across the land when it did. As always, please link us your song of the day.

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