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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/31/16

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Adams & Montgomery could help in ‘17; Frazier & Torres keeping an eye on World Series teams; Cleveland “bought” on Miller after years of selling; Japan Series and Kuroda’s career over

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees, Game 6 Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Around the Empire

Today’s Knuckleball | Wayne Cavadi: Chance Adams and Jordan Montgomery are two under-the-radar prospects throughout MLB that could make an impact in 2017. With the Yankees having rotation depth issues, any injury sustained to one of the projected starters could force the Yankees to give one of these kids a shot. Former Yankee prospect Rookie Davis also makes the list as likely to help out the Reds next season. | Jonathan Mayo: Clint Frazier and Gleyber Torres, who were the highlights of the Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman trades respectively, both say they’re happy for their former teams and excited they got as far as they have. Frazier particularly had a good quote regarding being traded for a player doing so well, "I want to see the player I got traded for succeed...It makes us feel good about being traded for that guy."

New York Post | Joel Sherman: The Miller trade represents an opposite direction for Cleveland. The only reason they found themselves in a position to “buy” on Miller was because of years selling off pieces, similarly to what Brian Cashman did this season. Now, the same patience that paid off for Cleveland is necessary out of the Yankees to see if the moves made this season were worth it or not. Especially since even back when he made the trades, Cashman likely knew he was potentially trading a World Series championship to Chicago or Cleveland.

CBS Sports | Mike Axisa: Even though the Hiroshima Carp won the first two games, they ended up dropping the next four to the Nippon Ham Fighters to lose the Japan Series in six games. Japanese baseball fans were denied of a game seven showdown between Hiroki Kuroda of the Carp and Shohei Otani of the Ham Fighters. Yankee legend Brandon Laird was named MVP of the series that officially ended Kuroda’s amazing career. Would’ve been nice to see him win a championship, but still best of luck to him. Now eyes are on Otani to see if Nippon posts him so he could make the jump to MLB. Most, if not all, teams would certainly be interested in him, especially big market teams like the Yankees.

Fun Questions

  • If posted, should the Yankees pursue Shohei Otani?
  • Do the Cubs come all the way back and win the Series?

Song of the Day

Monster Mash by The Misfits

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