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What should the Yankees dress up as for Halloween?

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A few ideas for any Yankees still looking for a costume.

Didi Starlin Batman h/t Kunj

Halloween is almost upon us, and unfortunately the Yankees won’t be dressing up as 2016 World Series champs this year. Womp, womp. Brian Cashman probably isn’t throwing a Halloween party for the players, but we can pretend. Here are a few ideas for any Yankees still looking for a costume.

Starlin Castro and Didi Gregorius - Batman and Robin (see photo above)

It did not take long for Castro and Gregorius to become good friends after Castro joined the team over the offseason. They even recreated that scene from ‘Step Brothers.’ In April, Castro told ESPN’s Marly Rivera that he had taken to referring to himself and Gregorius as Batman and Robin. Since the two work so closely together on the field, the nickname makes sense. When Rivera asked which of the two was Batman, somewhat surprisingly Castro said that Gregorius is Batman.

Clint Frazier - Popeye

Popeye the Frazier Man

When the Yankees acquired Clint Frazier from the Indians as part of a package for Andrew Miller, he became one of the top prospects in the system. He also happens to be the prospect who most resembles Popeye. Seriously, have you seen his forearms? All Frazier needs to do is tuck his red locks into a bald cap and grab a can of spinach and a pipe.

Brian McCann - Pitbull


This GIF has been a running joke around PSA this season, though I can’t remember exactly how it started. Is it because they are both bald? Maybe.

CC Sabathia - A wizard

There is no question that Sabathia’s performance has declined over the past few seasons as he has struggled with a degenerative knee condition, among other things. However, Sabathia put together a bounce-back season of sorts after switching to a new knee brace towards the end of the 2015 season. This magic knee brace might be a bit bulkier than Sabathia would like, but it prevents him from overextending his knee, and Joe Girardi thinks that it gives him some peace of mind. In addition to the magic knee brace, Sabathia was also spotted making his way to Hogwarts over the offseason. He is obviously a Gryffindor:

Brett Gardner - A bottle of whiskey

Because Jason says so.

Luis Cessa - Kylo Ren

Kylo Cessa

It turns out there is quite a resemblance between the Yankees pitcher and the new Star Wars villain, Kylo Ren. Just call him Kylo Cessa.

Greg Bird - Birdman

Okay, Bird could really choose from any number of bird-related costumes (and hopefully he has done so at least once). Birdman is a good option, since people started calling him that. Give the people what they want.

Gary Sanchez - The Kraken

Sanchez Kraken

Back in December, Brian Cashman said the following in an interview: “I’d like to unleash the Kraken, which is Gary Sanchez, on our roster in 2016 if I can.” Sanchez may not be a giant sea monster capable of sinking ships, but he did do a lot of damage with his bat after being called up in August. You can even buy one of his “I am Gary” shirts featuring a Kraken holding a little bat.

Let us know what you think the Yankees should dress up as below, and have a safe Halloween.

(Thanks to Kunj and Andrew for all of the photoshop work).