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Remembering the best Yankees Vines

Vine is dead, so let’s celebrate the best Vines about the Yankees

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Vine is dead. For those who are unfamiliar, Vine is a social networking app that allowed users to post six-second videos. Now, after more than three years in operation, Vine announced they are shuttering the app officially. This isn’t that surprising—Twitter now owns the app, and they would probably prefer you use Twitter video clips instead.

But, there’s something that’s going to be lost. Something about the absurdity of an entire story, an entire argument, or just a quick joke, fitting into six seconds forced creators to be infinitely creative in allocating their time. In sports, it allowed us to capture the momentary joy or hilarity of a narrow slice of a very long season. Here, then, are the best Yankees-related Vines of all time.

This was none other than the famous Ryan Dempster game, where Alex Rodriguez had some choice words rounding the bases. I’m sure you can deduce what he’s trying to say.

This was during a game between the Yankees and Blue Jays back in 2014, and Ichiro Suzuki just hit his first home run of the year. I was as surprised and delighted as Derek Jeter was there.

This doesn’t feature a Yankees player, but it definitely features a sentiment. This is Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles, literally losing his mind during the Yankees’ 19-inning game against the Red Sox, the longest game of both of their histories. It was a horror show.

Mike Francesa offers his thoughts on how to improve the Yankees, which is basically what I’ll be writing all offseason. Help me.

Taken by staff writer Matt Ferenchick, this picture sums up what it means to be a Yankees fan.

The. Greatest. Yankees. Vine. Of. All. Time. John Ryan Murphy, after clinching the wild card in 2015, says the obvious.

Gary is good, and he can smash baseballs even when he isn’t supposed to smash baseballs.

The moral of this Vine is: please, don’t propose to your significant other at a ballpark. You may be on television, but you could also lose the ring, so balance your priorities.

These are the best Yankees-related Vines I could come up with, but I’d love it if everyone shares any more they know. With this social media app now gone forever, it’d be nice to have them all here.