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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/19/16

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Kuroda to retire; Scout worried about Tate’s work habits; Miller is left-handed Mo; Oral history of baseball on Seinfeld

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Around the Empire

Japan Times: Former Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda is set to officially retire from baseball at the conclusion of the Japan Series (which he hopes to end with a championship and beer shower). Kuroda, who started his MLB career with the Dodgers, spent three of his seven MLB seasons being one of the most consistent and reliable pitchers for the Yankees. The Yankees were willing to bring him back after the 2014 season, but Kuroda said he wanted to go home and pitch in Japan before he officially retired. Have to respect that. Hats off to Kuroda and wish him the best in retirement. Miss you, #HIROK. | Randy Miller: An anonymous scout says that Dillon Tate has a better “chance of being a total flop than a good big leaguer.” This apparently has nothing to do with his talent as he has good stuff, or even his work ethic as he’s a hard worker, but supposedly his work habits. The scout wouldn’t get into specifics but there’s supposedly a stubborness to what he does and how he does it. Without knowing much else, it’s hard to tell what to make of this. But let’s hope that if there is a real issue, the Yankees can identify it as well and help Tate reach his supposed potential.

FanGraphs | Dave Cameron: Andrew Miller is good. In fact he’s been so good this postseason, he’s drawing comparisons to the greatest closer and relief pitcher of all time Anthony Swarzak Mariano Rivera. While a few years ago it seemed the Royals had the perfect bullpen recipe with how they deployed Wade Davis and allowed Greg Holland to get saves in the ninth, Terry Francona has taken it a step further with Miller and Cody Allen. “Miller, right now, is something not that different from a left-handed Mariano Rivera,” which is possibly the greatest compliment you can give to a relief pitcher.

Complex | Rob Neyer: An oral history of baseball on Seinfeld. It’s a pretty lengthy read that’s not exactly Yankee-related, but if you’ve watched the show you know the Yankees are a big part of the series. And baseball surely had a special place in the show. Derek Jeter, George Steinbrenner, Paul O’Neill, and Ken Phelps all gave exclusive interviews for the show’s DVD set and are part of this history. A fun read if you’ve got the time.

Fun Questions

  • You have to get one out in a ballgame. You can have any pitcher in baseball, starter or reliever. Who are you choosing and why?
  • NHL season has started up again. Tell us what team you are rooting for and make a Stanley Cup prediction.

Song of the Day

Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop) by Erykah Badu ft. Common

It’s 2003 Week on Pinstripe Alley. We’re remembering Boone’s great home run and we’re remembering great songs from that year. There’s not much else to it, just as today’s song is an ode to hip-hop, our theme this week is an ode to Boone. As always, please link us your song of the day.